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v0.169 (02-11-2016)

M.A.M.E. Artwork Special Edition is a collection of the official and unofficial
artwork, ini and dat files that enhance the expeience of M.A.M.E.


This project has offically come to an end. In short, between family and real life, i no longer have the passion to keep this updated. Thanks for all of the support and advice. 


08/16/05 - 04/05/2016


v0.169 released.

The Folders directory contains 2 additional directories. Arcade (VideoSnaps) and Artwork. I don't know if they will add any benefit as i haven't had time to test them.


v0.168 released.

As a test, the files will be hosted on MEGA. Please let me know your experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


v0.168 is in development and will be released soon.


This project is on hiatus until further notice. I will continue to keep the artwork up-to-date in the meantime. I would like to find a better way to distribute the artwork.


v0.153 will be released. I am working on it this week.


Part 2 is posted. Please use the NZB below to download the correct files. 


Part 1 is posted and the files look good. The name is "REPOST #2: M.A.M.E.Artwork.v0.146.Special.Edition". I will post part 2 tomorrow (06/05/12). When the post is complete i will update the NZB here.


Having an issue posting the new artwork. YencPowerPostA&A11b keeps crashing. Not sure why at the moment. I hope to have it resolved by the weekend.


Working on the update pack this week. I swear they release a new version everytime real life gets busy :-) 


Mame.Artwork.v0.145.Special.Edition.Update.Pack is posted to newsgroups.

**Files are not torrent zipped this time. Sorry about that. It slipped my mind.** 


There will be a delay in the release of v0.145. I will try to get this out as soon as i have time.  


Mame.Artwork.v0.144.Special.Edition.Update.Pack is almost complete. I hope to have it uploaded to newsgroups by tonight.


Everything was successful. 15.6GB with Par2.


v0.143 will be uploaded to newsgroups on 07/21/11 when i change to my new ISP. 13.3GB!!


v0.142 is ready and seeding will start tonight.


I mislabed the torrent so it needs to be re-created and seeding will have to start over. Seeding will very slow, sorry. 


v0.141 Coming to torrents soon. I am touching up the NFO file and hope to start seeding by this weekend!


v0.141 is now 11.7GB (Size on Disk). This is uncompressed and without PAR2 files. Unfortunately this would take me days to post to Newsgroups with my current ISP. Until then i am unsure of the next release date.

Note: Any updates for v0.141u1, u2 & u3 are not included except for the u3 diff file.


I am aware that v0.139u1 is out now but i was on vacation could not post this until i returned. Enjoy!


Another release for all of you great people (all 4 of you).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Had some spare time so i put out a new artwork pack.


After 3.5 years and 32 releases I have decided to retire from creating these artwork packs. I REALLY appreciate all the support and suggestions over the years. I started this out of respect for all the hard work and dedication that is put into MAME and it's many contributors. Maybe one day in the future i will continue but for now i am going to pursue other interests.



 08/16/05 - 03/13/09